We are all invested in the health of our planet.

Smith is committed to protecting the environment through our procedures and practices. First and foremost, we are focused on our customers’ needs and have adopted an Environmental Policy to identify materials that meet international environmental standards.

But, as with everything at Smith, we aren’t content to just meet expectations. We strive to exceed industry and regulatory requirements when it comes to our commitment to the environment. On a daily basis, we conduct business in an environmentally sustainable way: following best practices for environmental management and electrical waste, using energy-efficient and recycled products, and operating our facilities sustainably.


With thousands of packages shipped worldwide each year, Smith’s commitment to using only 100% recycled materials in our packaging has a positive environmental impact.


Smith has been ISO 14001:2004 certified since 2005. This means that we have environmental management procedures in place that follow industry best practices.

We are also R2 certified, recognition of Smith’s responsible electronics recycling practices.



We’ve invested in upgrades to our headquarters building that make it incredibly energy-efficient. These upgrades include:

  1. Solar panels for generating electricity
  2. Solar thermal systems for heating water
  3. LED lighting throughout our building
  4. A shaded parking structure utilizing double-sided solar panels
  5. Electric car charging stations