Smith’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Yields Thousands of Dollars in Donations


Hurricane Harvey was a strong storm, but it was no match for Houston’s spirit of community.

Smith is proud to be included among the many groups that came together in the wake of the devastating storm to help rebuild and heal the Bayou City after Harvey dropped more than 51 inches of rain across Houston and caused historic flooding.

Organized by Smith’s CSR Committee, employees donated approximately $1,500 worth of supplies, including diapers, toiletries, and other necessary items for those displaced by the storm. We then dropped the items off at Delmar Stadium, a local school sports complex a few miles away from Smith’s Houston headquarters.

Smith and our employees also raised more than $43,000.00, which was equally dispersed to three major local hurricane relief funds.

“Smith really came together, despite some of us having storm damage of our own,” said Kyle McLean, security and facilities coordinator for Smith. “They donated items for people in every walk of life to help ease their burden and get them through this difficult time.”

In addition to Smith’s group effort, a few employees also gave back to the community on their own.

Smith employees Mayra Navejar and John Tsai both donated their time to help clean out homes in different neighborhoods around town.

“It was an experience I would never forget,” said John, procurement specialist. “It truly was hard to see our friends and families lose meaningful, material things. It’s so easy for us to say material things are easily replaced, until it happens to you. It was truly amazing to see so many volunteers from all over wanting to lend a hand to help our neighbors.”

Mayra says she and her family were fortunate not to have had any flooding due to Harvey, but she decided to give back to help those in her community who weren’t as lucky.

“At training, we were taught how to safely remove debris and affected furniture from homes while still being considerate and empathetic to the owners,” said Mayra, multimedia designer. “I was tasked to help a woman who was not physically able to pack her possessions to evacuate from her home. I enjoyed helping pack her irreplaceable, personal pieces of history and knowing she can continue forward with them.”