Smith Employees Volunteer at Houston Food Bank


Smith employees had the chance to help their local community last Saturday by volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. Six volunteers from Smith’s Houston headquarters helped sort and repackage food into family-sized bags to distribute to people in need.

“We had a fantastic team that worked great together,” said Charlee Wallace, Smith’s Benefits Coordinator. “It was a very impressive operation – and pretty fast-paced.”

Charlee said that Operations Manager J.J. Little applied his skills from Smith to the team’s assembly line to maximize the help they could offer. 

“[J.J.] fit right in and seemed to keep us all in line on the process,” she said.

Cindy Campos, Accounts Payable Specialist, reflected on the impact they had on the community.

“You work hard, but it’s worth it when you realize how many people will eat today because of you,” she said. “Seeing strangers work together and not knowing each other is very humbling.”

The Houston Food Bank is the largest food bank in the United States in terms of distribution, serving 18 counties in Southeast Texas. With the help of its 1,500 community partners, the Houston Food Bank distributes 122 million meals to 800,000 people every year.