Smith Employees Take a “Paws” Out of Their Weekend to Volunteer with K-9 Angels


Nine volunteers from Smith’s Houston headquarters took a “paws” out of their weekend to volunteer with K-9 Angels, a Smith favorite, and help out animals in need of a forever home.

“Everyone seemed to love it,” said Grainne Kingsburgh, one of Smith’s receptionists. “Volunteers got to walk all the dogs, play with and clean up after the kittens and puppies, and supervise those interested in adopting while they met with the animals.”

Smith employees even had a few favorites, including HaddieElvis Pawsley, and Bastrop (who has since found a home!).

“I had an awesome time volunteering with K-9 Angels,” said Eric Lehman, Data Scientist at Smith. “All of the dogs were really sweet. We got to take them for walks around the neighborhood and help introduce the dogs to potential future families. I was almost tempted to adopt a new buddy for my own dog at home! This was a great opportunity to show that Smith cares about the community.”

K-9 Angels is a 100% volunteer-run organization that helps alleviate overcrowded shelters by selecting healthy, adoptable pets – regardless of breed or circumstance – from animal-control facilities and providing a safe haven for them until they are adopted. Smith first partnered with this organization in 2016, and it quickly became a favorite among employees.