Houston Employees Volunteer at The HUB’s Interview Day


Job interviews can be stressful no matter who you are, but they can be especially difficult for those with neurological differences. Being in a new environment and meeting new people can be overwhelming, which is why employees from Smith’s headquarters in Houston recently participated in Interview Day at The HUB, a school for teens and young adults with neurological differences and our long-time CSR partner.

At the event, representatives from several companies in the greater Houston area gathered to conduct mock interviews with the students. Participating students ranged in age from 18 to 27 years and are preparing to graduate and begin entering into the workforce. The event was especially helpful for younger students and those who have difficulty communicating by providing a chance to experience an interview situation for the first time.

The students came dressed to impress and practiced answering interview questions with the company representatives. Each student went through three to four interviews with real companies, where interviewers asked them about their professional work experience, strengths, areas for improvement, work environment preferences, and where they see themselves in two years.

“This was the second time we have participated in the event and both times have been rewarding and humbling experiences,” said Patti Everitt, Smith’s HR & Recruiting Manager. “Each person was completely different from the next, but they all had the desire and drive to be productive members of the community.”

“One company mentioned wanting to hire one of the students at the end which was awesome to hear!” said Rachel Hart, Corporate Recruiter at Smith. “I love to see how The HUB is working in these students’ lives. You can really tell what a difference they are making to help them be successful.”

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