CSR Group

The CSR Group is a committee dedicated to shaping Smith into a good corporate citizen and tapping into our diverse resource of employees to help organizations that benefit the community at large.

Mission Statement

To strengthen our community and to set an example for the rest of the company through volunteering our time and organizing company-wide charitable giving opportunities.


We work alongside autistic children in our community to make 400 sandwiches a month, which we donate to a local homeless shelter. And that’s just one of the philanthropic activities we take part in throughout the year, which is annually concluded by volunteering at a community holiday party for children in need.

Charitable Giving

From book and pet supply drives to adopting families for the holidays, the CSR committee offers many opportunities for all of Smith’s employees to help impact our community.


With a particular focus on those with special needs, Smith’s mentorship program gives children and young adults opportunities to learn skills they can use in the job market.